Australian Sailing Adventures

After the long flight from Honolulu, I enjoy a Thai dinner  and chattering with Lara, a friend from Milan who lives in Sydney for years. The next morning ready to fly to Mackay, a quite little town in Queensland, then 2 hours by bus to reach Airlie Beach where Peter is waiting for me, the captain of a catamaran on which I am embarked for a yet undefined period 🙂
The peculiarity is that on board were eliminated refrigerator, generator, air conditioning, oven etc, to reduce the environmental impact and be lighter to sail. I am on charge of taking photos and videos to document our adventures among the remote islands of the Whitsunday, so far.. Then we’ll see where the wind will takes us.
After a short brainstorming, the name chosen for this project is Sailing into Freedom.
On the first day I created a blog, Facebook page, Instagram profile and You Tube channel, on which we will upload videos. I share this experience with a very nice girl from Italy as well (just a coincidence) Fedra, with which I quickly get along very well, she takes care of the galley … Note that our captain, and consequently we too, only  eat the fish that he catch plus rice, legumes especially hummus and some vegetable that does not easily deteriorate because we will not go shopping for 2 or 3 weeks, and we do not have a fridge.
Also eliminated dairy products and gluten, I do not eat meat and cheese, so to me it is fine! Peter does spearfishing and delight us with different seafood everyday, grilled or smoked. For breakfast oatmeal porridge with apple, honey, cinnamon and almonds.Well, it’s a detox period … Or almost, ’cause Fedra and I before leaving bought a couple of bottles of red wine and some chocolate bar, for melancholy moments. Obviously, no drugs, no smoking. ForgetAboutIt!?!
During this first week the atmosphere on board was fantastic, we arelady saw some whales, dolphins and off country few cangaroos… we are really having fun and you can note it following our social networks: facebook, instagram, and blog: Sailing Into Freedom
Stefi ⭐

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